I AM A BREEDER... Our everyday life revolves around dogs. While our friends are on vacation, family reunions or parties, we sometimes ride over 1000 or more kiometers to cover dogs, participate in shows, we wait with our heart on our shoulder for our next litter... For many years we did not have a real holiday, because it's really hard to entrust our dogs to someone else. Nobody knows them better than we do.

All our plans are based on mating dates, puppies birth, show dates and visits to the vet. Most of our friends are breeders because only they can understand and support this kind of life. We did not sleep two or three days (sometimes longer) before giving birth, because we support and care for the future mother. As each puppy is born, we pray that it will be healthy and strong. If something is happening to a puppy, we fight for his life for hours, days or weeks. Sometimes puppies die in our hands too, and this is the hardest thing that can happen to a breeder. It breaks our hearts into a million pieces and these memories will never fade away.

We sleep next to our mom and puppies for a week or more to supervise the litter every minute ... in fact, we're not getting much sleep this week. It's a rather short nap. Our vets know us by name and we have personal phone numbers. Not everyone gets our puppy. Puppies are our children and we only want the best homes for them. Every puppy that leaves us will take a piece of our heart with it. Our puppy owners are our family. Every zloty we get is a payment of many tears, stress, blood and sacrifice. Call us, take some time and tell us about your life, family, lifestyle and why you want to become the owner of a toddler from our kennel.

We don't work 8 or 10 hours and then we go home to rest on the couch and watch TV. Dogs require round-the-clock care. The money will be spent on dogs and our kennel again. This is a circle. Our house isn't perfectly clean, ever. And our clothes are full of dog hair. But this is our life and we wouldn't trade it for anything. We love our dogs more than life and it will always be like that. Before you judge us ... think 😉

Our dogs are members of our family, they live with us, surrounded by love, care and respect. Puppies are born in our home.
From the first moments of life, they are introduced to the surrounding world, other animals and people. Our puppies can go to their new homes
not earlier than at the age of fifteen weeks: vaccinated and dewormed according to age and chipped, as well as equipped with a rich layette with a passport and export pedigree - We are registered in the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP), the only one that is subject to the International Cynological Federation (FCI) .


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